Friday 14 June 2013

Rewriting Stonehenge's History by Mike Parker Pearson - UCL

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  1. Tim,
    Thanks for posting this it has brought back irritations from the recent TV prog, I wonder if anyone else has thoughts on these points.

    If the Mesolithic car park posts and avenue periglacial stripes are linked in indicating the importance and existence of the site are their completely differing alignments relevant?

    Are post settings important or even relevant? The Mesolithic car park posts are important and included in this new sequence but the Stonehenge timber settings which reasonably appear to fit in Stage 1 and combined with the early stone settings perhaps give pointers to the later Sarcen and Bluestone settings, are not mentioned.

    Are visuals i.e. CGI reconstruction views in videos/TV documentaries important? One would imagine so or they would not be included, anyone notice errors in the Avenue and Durrington in this, and does it matter if they at times give completely wrong info.



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