Thursday 26 January 2017

On top of Stonehenge - The tenon on Stone 56

Looking down to 55, the fallen lintel and the Altar Stone

And the view across to the Great Trilithon top

Click any to embiggen - Thanks to J for the photos

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  1. Fantastic shots!

    The distinctive curve in L-154 is obvious; frequently unnoticed from the ground.
    Lichens on the 'Dark Side' of -56.
    The offset tenon on -56, also rarely commented on.
    The Avenue tracking to the Heelstone, obscured from the ground.
    The break in S-55. (Which must have made quite a racket when she came down!)
    The oft-overlooked BS-67 under L-156, on which is seen one of the two incorrect topside mortices.

    Very impressive pictures!