Saturday 2 March 2013

A Sarsen on The Line

To the south of the road between Stanton St Bernard and Alton Barnes on the perimeter of what was the Alton Barnes Airfield I noticed a large sarsen stone which I hadn't noticed before. As this is on the route that I believe the sarsens took from the Marlborough Downs to Stonehenge I went to investigate.

Approaching it I nearly fell down a set of hidden concrete steps. I then realised the sarsen was capping a circular hole in the ground. Obviously part of the defences of the Second World War airfield. It seems it has only recently been placed there by this picture and description I found online, which suggests it may be the remains of an Alan-Williams turret filled in with sarsens from the field.

The site is recorded on Pastscape at
and can be found on the  Defence of Britain database as  
There is an excellent Google Earth kmz downloadable of the Defences of Britain from

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