Monday 15 October 2012

The Stone 16 Spiral Carving

I have written before about the spiral on Stone 16. (Search for "Spiral" in the search box to find them.)

The recent Laser Scan report is silent on it except to dismiss all other "carvings" apart from the axe-heads as natural features.

But a close up of the spiral shows it is dressed in the same way as the rest of the front of 16. Was this a natural feature which had the crust removed along with the rest of the stone or was it carved by picking?

Large photos! Click for originals.

More: Original Discovery - Stone 16 Spiral

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  1. Hi Tim,
    These are similar discussions that I've been having for a couple of years now. Mostly with, but not exclusive to, the unheralded 'discoverer' of this very mark, Angie Lake.
    Terrance Meadon is also looking into it.

    Now, stand on the East side of S-16 and tell me what it looks like.
    Where is S-16 located, and how is this important?
    Turn to the left and witness where the sun goes down in December - between 15 & 16, as you know.
    Turn around and you'd have a lovely view of the Great Trilithon, if it were intact. Those two enormous, inordinately smooth faces towering above you ...

    June brings the Sun into the Horseshoe and all manner of 'Marriage Rites' no doubt took place at that time. There is a lot of evidence for this.

    The December sunset delivers us to the brink of the somber depths of winter, and those celebrations are also well-documented.

    Now look at S-16 again and tell me it doesn't look like a pregnant woman, six-months along. (She would be delivering when? Well, that would be at the Vernal Equinox.)

    With these things in mind, look again at the so-called 'Spiral' on its inside and tell me what it looks like ...

    Best Wishes,
    ND Wiseman


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