Monday 29 October 2012

The Other Stonehenge Periglacial Stripes

Mike Parker Pearson has made the periglacial stripes within the avenue that align with the mid-summer sunrise the rational for the positioning of Stonehenge. I was intrigued by a comment at Brian John's blog that there were other periglacial stripes found at Stonehenge:

"..according to Michael Allen in the Cleal book Martin Trott (during the Wessex Archaeology 1988 investigation at the car park). "reported (unpublished notes)that these investigations revealed a series of periglaical stripes and solution hollows but little of archaeological significance except a single pit ..."

So more stripes. Which direction did they go? Have any of the other slopes around Stonehenge got them as well? How unique are the Avenue stripes?

From Stonehenge in Its Landscape: 20th Century Excavations (English Heritage Archaeological Report)

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