Thursday 26 July 2012

Rock Art at Stonehenge

The results from the Laser surface scan of the stones of Stonehenge should be released soon. A little bird toells me that they have found a lot of interesting marks!

This is on Stone 53, on the short side in the gap towards 54. Not a good picture but there are shapes which have been pecked out of the surface. Hopefully the Laser scan will give us a clearer picture of this and the other discoveries.


  1. Hi Tim

    Are there any preliminary indications of what the shapes are? (I can see a 'horse' in the bottom left hand corner.. but that might just be lichen).

    Do you know if the laser scan raw data will be made publicly available?

  2. It looks like another axe-head to me, but yes - it's a poor photo.
    I suspect lichen for Mr Morris' "horse".

  3. I hadn't noticed the horse before - though I think it looks more like a dog, but just lichen I think. I don't have any more info. I will try and get a better photo when the opportunity presents itself. But there are definite pecked areas on the stone.


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