Tuesday 31 July 2012

Happy Blogoversary - 8,000 Thanks

Sarsen.org is one year old!

One year old tomorrow morning! What started as my humble notepad for my own use mainly has had a great reception with over 8,000 hits in the year.

I started it because I was exploring the route that the Sarsens may have taken to Stonehenge from the Marlborough Downs. I'm very happy with my conclusions and put them together in a pamphlet. The Origin Of The Stonehenge Sarsens Leaflet. It is a conclusion that Mike Parker Pearson had also come to from other evidence as he revealed this year in his book "Stonehenge".

The most important post I think I have made is about the twisted Great Trilithin and how it aligns to the Midwinter Sunrise as well as the Midwinter Sunset, and also obviously the Midsummer opposites. So many people have looked at the stones and have searched for alignments but have missed it. I think I am the first to publish it. More at http://www.sarsen.org/2012/07/stonehenge-resurrection-alignment.html

There is still more to be written on this to bring it all together. So keep on reading.

And the post I am most pleased with was a quick doodle on Woodhenge. It suddenly struck me that all the neolithic trees in postholes we know about are upside down. OK it is only one tree we know about, the one at Seahenge, but what if it was more of them? Somehow it feels right.

There is more to come.

Many thanks for your support and comments.


  1. Thanks for this website Tim: It gives a remarkable snapshot of some current ideas and viewpoints within the 'inner circle' at Stonehenge.

  2. Happy anniversary. I like your site.

  3. Congratulations on reaching your 1 year anniversary. You're always worth reading :)