Wednesday 9 March 2016

The Bowls or Boles Barrow Bluestone - a Red Herring

I quickly visited the Wessex gallery at Salisbury museum today - an excellent new layout which I must spend some more time in as soon as possible.

The Bowls Barrow Bluestone is better displayed than when I previously wrote about it -    (Salisbury Museum and Pastscape uses the Bowls rather than the Boles spelling so I have used it here.)

UPDATE: Pictures added 8/3/16

 (Click to embiggen)

It looks like the base of a pillar that has been broken off and the base dug up. It looks like it came from Stonehenge and the mystery of how a large Bluestone boulder came to be on Salisbury Plain a thousand years before the Stones may be a red herring. The provenance of it coming from the Boles barrow and having being incoporated into it build is very weak.

C P Green provides an extensive examination of the question  at;

Mike Parker Pearson lays out the story in his Stonehenge book:

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