Wednesday 14 August 2013

Stonehenge by Thom - Article on Line

I found this 1974 article online,and very interesting.

Thom, AlexanderStevenson Thom, ArchibaldStrang Thom, Alexander
Journal for the History of Astronomy, Vol. 5, p.71
Publication Date:

This link gives me the whole article as a pdf

It includes several plans including this one of the Z and Y holes based on Atkinson's information, the distances are Thom's and to do with his Megalithic Yard theory.

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  1. Interesting article!

    The fundamental question that springs to mind is the length of a 'rod' which is about 6.8 feet.

    Is this measure pure speculation or is it a measurement of something?

    As a DIY person I have often measured by steps, this is inaccurate as my left step is shallower than my right. For more accuracy I use my hand span, the measurement from finger to finger for six foot man like me is proportionally to my height and consequently 6 foot. This leads to a 3 foot (a yard) finger tip to center of the chest, half measure.

    So does the 'rod' represent the hand span of prehistoric man or his stride?

    A stride is 0.4 of your height - for an average man is 2.5 feet. Clearly, 6.8 is not close to being a simple multiple, so we must be looking at arm span.

    Therefore, are we looking for humans 6 - 7 foot high that meet these proportions? and believe it or not there are some that lived prior to the Neolithic poisoning (also known as the agricultural revolution) which shrank and lowered the lifespan of these islands. !!



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