Tuesday 20 August 2013

Planning Application for the Creation of a Functional Long Barrow at All Cannings Cross

Planning application 13/02869/FUL

Creation of Long Barrow for storage of cremated remains

  • Application registered: Tuesday 20 August, 2013 
  • Comments invited until: Thursday 19 September, 2013

Surveying the site at Winter Solstice 2012 - The Long Barrow will be aligned to the Winter Solstice Sunrise.


  1. Novel idea !!

    You have correctly understood the boat shape of the Long Barrow and its moats - representing the final voyage to the afterlife - well done!!

    Although the post ice age waters were actually south of your location so the Long Barrow should face - east/west and the barrow should be covered with Chalk only as the original LB's were used as direction finders for the ancestors boats. The finishing would be a large Sarsen at the entrance that extenuates the direction the Long Barrow points towards.

    If you can build it with antler picks only (which is impossible), you will have a fantastic piece of experiential archaeology to film and write about, ending another archaeological myth.

    Always available if you need help or advice.


  2. Highways are obviously going to be the major objector with sustainability issues running in second place.

    You may want to research the terms "PFA/fly ash" and "permeable paving": The objections you have will mean that you'll probably have to know what these are.

  3. I read the entire brief and was very intrigued by the concept. I just might have to find a little nook in there for myself one day.

    The road/parking issues are real, but hardly insurmountable. I'd love to see it built.

    Winter Solstice Sunrise alignment is appropriate for both the style and setting. On paper, it looks just like West Kennett.


  4. The road/parking issues are real, but hardly insurmountable.

    Ah no: That's probably not what Highways will be angling for. What they will be angling for may not be economically viable. Depends how deep the funder's pockets are (Tim?). Sustainability will become a bigger issue at the meeting stage, so this must be thought through (looks surprisingly easy this one providing you have a good answer to the concrete issue). It's the usual planning stuff.

  5. Hey Tim: I imagine no-one's looking at this post now: Sent you a contact request via facebook: There is something extremely special you can do with this arrangement. You may have already thought of it but worth the mention.