Monday 15 April 2013

Enford - Water Lane Mystery Ring

Peter Dunn noted in the comments to the mystery ring I spotted at Winterbourne Bassett:
It looks very much like a circle I spotted around 2004 on the North facing valley side of Water Lane running East onto the plain from Enford. This was visible for years both on google earth and from the opposite side of the valley, now not visible which I put down to the exceptionally wet period from last summer onwards countering the crop mark effect seen in dryer conditions. The tanks have been going round the hillside and there are fungus rings too complicating matters but this seemed different.I assumed the Water Lane circle to be a ring ditch from a barrow there are known barrows down the valley towards Enford.
He kindly sent my some photos which meant I could find it on Google Earth in both 2002 and 2005 photographs at 51°15'51.53" N   1°46'37.98" W

Definitely not crop circles this time.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Tim - and thanks to Peter Dunn for forwarding the notice to me.

    Definitely Not a 'Crop Circle', no. But if it's a henge circle, as suggested, how has it survived in that field?


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