Monday 25 February 2013

Gowland's Slide?

An old Magic Lantern slide from a lecture on Stonehenge that I bought for a couple of quid off eBay.
(click for much larger)
It shows the section behind stone 56 from Gowland's excavations, as illustrated in his report:

It came without any history. Is it some amateur's interpretation of the excavation, hand drawn because he couldn't copy the printed illustration, or could it be from the original lectures that Gowland gave outlining his work before the report went to press? The differences in the labelling suggest to me that it isn't a copy from the report, but is an original sketch by an expert. An expert on the excavation but not in preparing slides as the labels are half hidden by the border. But then I am biased.

UPDATE June 2014 - I found a reference that Gowland used Lantern Slides...

24. [Proceedings of Anthropological Institute].

And from The Times of 20/12/1901

And from the Times  21/01/1902

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  1. Hard to tell for sure from the images, but the capital R looks similar.

  2. I suspect that the slide came first, as you suggest, for a magic lantern presentation. The labeling was prepared, then fitted to the slide-frame which covers a portion of the words on the right.
    The second, clearer version was no doubt prepared by a draftsman for print publication.
    The slide was certainly made shortly after the work was done in 1901.
    The final report came off the press in 1905 or -06 if memory serves.
    (This was considered prompt back then)


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