Wednesday 6 February 2013

Cremation Plan of Stonehenge

From Parker Pearson, M. and Chamberlain, A. and Jay, M. and Marshall, P. and Pollard, J. and Richards, C. and Thomas, J. and Tilley, C. and Welham, K. (2009) ’Who was buried at Stonehenge ?’, Antiquity., 83 (319). pp.23-39.

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In the last post I featured a plan of Stonehenge which was criticised in the comments for being inaccurate. For comparison here is another plan of Stonehenge where the position of the South Barrow and Ditch can be compared. This plan is I believe more accurate. 

I have used the plan to show how the cremation burials we know about (and there are probably many we don't know about) cluster around the alignment for the mid-winter solstice sunrise.

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  1. An interesting thing about the location of burials (within the inner confines of the henge and leaving aside the Aubreys) is the possible focus on equatorial stars.

    Perhaps the equatorial band was the desired location to be sent after death?