Wednesday 13 February 2013

Avenue, Heelstone and Stonehole 97 Plans

The planning application for detailed work at Stonehenge monument includes details of how the Avenue will be marked with a brass arrow pointing to the midwinter sunset and midsummer sunrise axis -  - The marked axis is between  Stonehole 97 and the Heelstone, not over the top of  the Heelstone.

Stonehole 97 will be marked with a "stonehole marker" which will look great.

(click for larger)
Here is Mike Pitts' plan of Stonehole 97 and other features, which as he discovered the hole probably can be considered reliable.

Is it me or has 97 moved in the plans?

I also note there is no permanent fence around the Heelstone which please a lot of people.


  1. The 1st thing I noticed was that where they plan to place the marker and where the S-97 Stonehole is actually located are 2 different things.

  2. Hi Tim,
    Interesting another wonky plan. Perhaps you could have a quick word with those at EH arranging the markers where 97 is and that the solar axis just clips the South side of it, just to make sure someone does work from this plan, you never know.
    What is that area marked as st hole 97 anyway doesn't seem to fit with anything on an accurate plan.

  3. Hi Tim,

    Unfortunately, the SSSR and WSSS alignments are not exactly opposite each other (due to differing horizon altitudes to the NE and SW), so the proposed marker line will be wrong in at least one of the directions.

    Having looked closely at the two planning applications, I'm initially not a fan of what's proposed. I think it will make the site look too manicured.

  4. Is it me or has 97 moved in the plans?

    See maps. It's not you. Take care.


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