Friday 14 July 2017

New Stonehenge Research from Historic England

Historic England Research Issue 6 PDF

or individual articles as webpages:


New Investigations in the Stonehenge World Heritage Site

(Click to enlarge - The 2016 update of the mapping of the World Heritage Site, highlighting the density of archaeological features identified both from thousands of aerial images dating back as far as 1906, and recent lidar imagery. The yellow line marks the current WHS boundary. © Historic England)

The full image is available at:

Aerial Investigation and Mapping

Pigs Curlews and Trains Geophysical Survey

Neolithic Pits Near Stonehenge

Middle Neolithic Farming and Food in the Stonehenge Landscape

Bronze Age Boundaries in the Stonehenge Landscape

Vespasians Camp

Visualising our Research

The Army Basing Programme New Discoveries at Larkhill and Bulford

Stonehenge Publications

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