Friday 14 July 2017

Find Stonehenge Historic England Research Reports Using A Map

Download all 20 reports from HE recent research using a new interactive map of the Stonehenge landscape, these reports represent an up-to-date synthesis of this iconic monument and surrounding area; the results of several years' fieldwork and research.
The reports provide accurate, detailed information on the location, surviving shape and size of the monuments in the World Heritage Site; from the prehistoric barrows to the more recent monuments, such as the early 20th-century Air Ministry markers.

The Stonehenge World Heritage Site Landscape

1Airman's Corner
3Airman's Corner
4Monument field and barrows
5Restoring' Stonehenge
6Stonehenge Aerodrome
7Cursus Barrows
8Fargo south
10Winterbourne Stoke Down
11Fargo north
12Amesbury Down plantation
13Luxenborough plantation
14King Barrow Ridge
15Stonehenge Cursus
16Stonehenge Down and the Triangle
17The Avenue and Stonehenge Bottom
18A344 corridor
19Durrington Firs
20Normanton Down
21Lake Down
22Winterbourne Stoke Crossroads
23Wilsford Down
24Countess Farm
25Druid's Lodge
29West Amesbury
30Amesbury Abbey
31West Amesbury
33Larkhill Barrows
34Lake Barrows
35The Diamond
36Normanton Gorse
37Durrington Walls
37Cuckoo Stone
40Diamonds Field: Boreland Farm
41Diamonds Field: Druid's Lodge
42Normanton Down
43West Amesbury Farm
44Stonehenge Greater Cursus
45Assessment of human remains
46Vespasian's Camp

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