Wednesday 15 June 2016

Stonehenge TRO question - When did the notices go up?

Wiltshire Council is applying Temporary Traffic Restriction orders around Stonehenge as usual this solstice.

Some notices have now gone up of the TROs. This photo of one was taken 15 June 2016 by Austin Kinsley - thanks Austin.

The rules for applying for a TRO are quite clear:

The procedure for making temporary orders is set out in the Road Traffic (Temporary Restrictions) Procedure Regulations 1992 (SI 1992/1215), as amended.
The procedure is as follows:
Not less than seven days before making an order the authority must publish a notice of their intention to make an order in a local newspaper and in the vicinity of the affected area and inform the police...
The notice is dated 9th June 2016 and the order starts 00:01 on Friday 17th June 2016 so for the TRO to be legal the notices had to be put up on the 9th.

I have asked Wiltshire Council, and am awaiting a reply, the question I am asking you.

When did the notices go up? I didn't spot them on Monday but I may have missed them.

UPDATE = Wiltshire Council say the notices were put up on Mon 14th June and the notice was in the Salisbury Journal on 2nd June (The notice is dated 9th June on the website).The online searchable Public Notices of the Salisbury Journal doesn't have it so it must have been in the print edition only. They also say they no longer have to put notices up on site and they put them up on their website. 

If you spotted them or saw them being put up please tell us.

And can anyone tell me which local newspaper the notices were published in - searching the Gazette and Herald, Swindon Advertiser,, Salisbury Journal, the national data base (the Western Daily Press is covered by this) and the London Gazette fails to find it.

UPDATE: Austin has sent me a picture of the post which the TRO is pictured on above taken on Sat 11th June 2016 showing this notice wasn't posted then.

Click to enlarge pictures. The notice is now on the right hand side of the post in the foreground, the remains of a previous stapled notice can be seen in both pictures. 


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