Friday 27 May 2016

Climate Change Threatens Stonehenge - claim

Climate change to threaten Stonehenge? Daily Mail warns of moles undermining the stones? As an English Heritage report says: "Interestingly, the changes predicted for the 4000-4500BP period by the Bridge CGM are actually quite similar to the predictions of future climate change in the UK (Wilby et al 2006), which implies that we are moving back to a 4000-4500BP climate in the UK." Source -

So Stonehenge has seen it and survived it all before, if the predicted climate change ever arrives. - The Daily Mail story?

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  1. As if there hasn't been any pest control historically or won't be in the future!

    Coastal erosion is another matter altogether, and not necessarily connected to climate change. the Scottish land mass is rising or stable.

    Scaremongering, as far as British sites are concerned!