Sunday 26 February 2012

Graffitied Stone at Stonehenge

It is "only" the famous milestone opposite the Heel Stone, but a lovely old object has been defaced and after cleaning it won't be the same. I suppose it shows why 24/7 security is needed at the monument.

The history of the milestone is on Mike Pitt's site here.

UPDATE 9th March 2012

The face of the stone has been cleaned.... but not the side!

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  1. I'm surprised it has been left alone for so long, perhaps only because the monument opposite is a perfect distraction. Many just don't venture out on to that side of the road. As you say, it's stupidity like this that justifies Stonehenge being protected as it does. And I think we are soft, pandering *too much* to the pagan communities.
    I was recently at Castlerigg. Second to Avebury and Stonehenge, the busiest circle in Britain. On a misty, February day, there were three seperate families of visitors, all climbing over the stones. One was jumping perilously from stone to stone. My Custodianship instincts kicked in and I told one guy to desist. He got off very fast!
    If this is what happens in low season, god knows what happens to it in peak. The ground surface around the stones was extremely muddy and eroded.
    Apparently another concerned visitor contacted the Trust to report the continued abuse. The Trust seemed disinterested.


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