Sunday 30 November 2014

Vexed Bluestones

Rob Ixer uploaded:

"Some of Stonehenge’s megaliths came from Wales.Exactly where remains one of the key issues about the monument open to scientific solution, yet not fully resolved. Rob Ixer and Richard Bevins are on the job"

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  1. Nice to see the 'rock collectors' oap club is still active.

    Sadly, it doesn't fill me with confidence that their 'modus operadi' is very accurate or would withstand true scientific scrutiny.

    Until there is a complete petrographic mapping at the microscopic level of all rock outcrops in not only Britain but Europe, that has been totally digitised so computers can do the identification - the findings are purely speculative.

    Who would be happy with a prosecution on fingerprint evidence that was a 'close match' or 'quite similar?

    It would be no surprise that "four more eyes" in eighty years time come up with yet another identification though a newly invented form of chemical analysis rather than visual one.