Monday 3 November 2014

Free Stonehenge Course

Stonehenge Online Course -

Learn about the most spectacular monument of the Neolithic in this exciting Online Course ✓ FREE ✓ University of Buckingham ✓ With Dr. Graeme Davis


I have signed up for it.....


  1. The start-up of this course reminds me of what happened to the construction profession back in the '80's.

    There have been a few negative comments on the twitter-sphere, especially as the course leader is not an archaeologist. The course appears to contain an element of examination of the role of the archaeological establishment. This sort of thing happens when an established body is perceived by the public to have a role which is at odds with what it actually does.

  2. I welcome that Dr Davis is not an archaeologist as it may make the course worthwhile, especially as the good doctor has already identified an 8th century poem that describes Stonehenge by warm bathing waters - so he maybe happy to 'think out of the box' on some more important issues.

    At least it will not be as 'brain dead' as some of the banal archaeology programmes that BBC 2 and now ITV have produced over the last few weeks about Stonehenge.



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