Thursday 1 May 2014

Puddingstone Meeting and Field Trip

Puddingstone and related silcretes of the Anglo-Paris Basin - geological and archaeological perspectives
Date: 16 - 19 May 2014 Burlington House, London

The meeting will cover puddingstones and silcretes of similar age in both the Hampshire and Paris Basins, and the weekend field trip will include East Hertfordshire/Essex, then Saint-Saƫns and Sotteville in Northern France. It is anticipated that both the meeting and the post-conference field trips will lead to further co-operative research between archaeologists and geologists.
Speakers include:

  •  Tony Brown 
  • Chris Green 
  • Jenny Huggett 
  • Bryan Lovell 
  • David Nash 
  • Mike Parker Pearson 
  • Florence Quesnel 
  • Jane Tubb 

Full details can be found within the draft PDF programme.

Registration: Deadline: Friday 14 March 2014

I await the papers with interest.


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