Friday 20 December 2013

Best Book on Stonehenge for Christmas, and it is free!

262 pages of excellent Stonehenge Research, this is what Stonehenge is really about. Without out doubt the best book on Stonehenge for Christmas reading, and it is free!

Stonehenge World Heritage Site Synthesis Prehistoric Landscape, Environment and Economy

Report Number: 45/2013 English Heritage Research Department Reports

This report is a synthesis of the archaeological evidence for the environment and economy of the prehistoric period in the Stonehenge landscape. It draws together existing information and analyses from a variety of specialist areas of archaeology and science. The synthesis has been produced in order to inform the interpretation content of the new visitor centre at Stonehenge, feeding particularly into reconstructions and graphics depicting the area around Stonehenge in different time periods.

Edited by Matthew Canti, Gill Campbell and Susan Greaney

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1. Summary and Introduction -Susan Greaney and Gill Campbell
2. Geology, Landscape and Soils - Matthew Canti
3. Vegetation History - Zoe Hazell and Mike Allen
4. Plant Resources - Gill Campbell and Ruth Pelling
5. Animal Resources - Fay Worley
6. People - Simon Mays
7. Diet - Gill Campbell, Simon Mays, Jonathan Last, Fay Worley and Ruth Pelling
8. Houses and Settlement - Susan Greaney and Jonathan Last
9. Depositional Practice - Jonathan Last
10. Design, Clothing and Personal Adornment - Alison Sheridan and Gill Campbell
11. Technology and Domestic Objects - Richard Brunning, Jonathan Last, Hugo Anderson-Whymark, Gill Campbell, Alison Sheridan, David Dungworth, Glyn Davies and Angela Middleton
12. Social Organisation and Gender - Jonathan Last

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