Tuesday 13 March 2012

Marlborough Science Fair 12-17 March | Marlborough People

Marlborough Science Fair 12-17 March | Marlborough People: "Marlborough Science Fair 12-17 March"

St John's School is celebrating National Science & Engineering week from 12-17 March, culminating in the Marlborough Science Fair on Saturday 17th, when the school opens its doors to the whole local community for a wide range of activities from 11am to 3pm. Last year almost 2,000 people visited St John's to visit the exhibitions and take part in interactive activities aimed at the whole family.....exhibitors include Wiltshire Heritage, who are bringing an inflatable copy of a Sarsen Stone from Stonehenge and will be giving people the opportunity to try to move a stone into place...
A great day for the family, but an inflatable stone! Now that would have made it all so much easier originally....

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