Sunday 24 April 2022

The Field Guide to the Glacial Erratics of Salisbury Plain - The Book.

The proof copies were sent out and well received by the expert reviewers: 
"Pithy, well researched, exhaustive."

I'm not sure I can be bothered with the hassle of looking for a larger print run, the information is out there and does anyone care enough about erratics to buy a book?

"said it was the best Stonehenge book she has ever read …..told her everything she wanted to know about Stonehenge."

Mike Parker Pearson has described it as the authoritative and definitive volume with an exhaustive and comprehensive handling of the subject. And he has read a copy.

And the first review is in from someone who hasn't seen or read the book:

".. I have a Geography degree which included studies of glaciation processes etc, and since having been a Chartered Librarian specialising in information, I place prime importance on accuracy and objectivity. As I expected, you are predictably sadly not engaging with the subject sensibly, unlike Dr Brian John. Your so - called publication is simply a parrot-like mimic of Mike Pitts' dismissive remark in his recent book. Sand, head in, and ostrich are the keywords that apply. You take a purely binary stance and insist on adopting an adversarial approach instead of showing consideration. Putin, aggression and imperialism over Ukraine are not dissimilar. Some people insist they know-it-all whilst immediately saying there is nothing-to-know.....But do you think they are serious in their pursuit of all the possible scientific evidence? Ostrich, sand, head in, "I see no ship", looking with my blind eye' all spring to mind. Also, flat-earthers."



  1. Tim,

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but does this book consist solely of a front and back cover or does it also have blank pages?


    1. Neil - the pages are of lined paper and it also has a ribbon bookmark, I have tried to leave nothing out.

  2. I'm not quite sure if the representation of "Glacier Blue" by way of the use of bubble wrap is correct. You should know that the presence of so many such air bubbles, as also found in overlying snow, will result in "Glacier White". Equally, as any meteorite hunter can tell you, Glacier Blue is where you go hunting. Is there not enough controversy already with the issue of treasure hunters (metal detectorists), to go encouraging a whole new cohort of hunters away from Antarctica to more accommodating climes, only to claim that the bluestones at Stonehenge actually descended from the skies and who's impact were successfully cushioned by melting ice - thereby saving the Earth from disaster, and the reason why Stonehenge was built!