Wednesday 16 May 2018

The Science of Prehistoric Stone Transport

Déplacement des mégalithes extraordinaires sur le littoral morbihanais, modèles d'embarcations et questions relatives à la navigation atlantique dès le V ème millénaire AVJC

Trans: Moving extraordinary megaliths on the Morbihan coastline (South Brittany), boat models and issues relating to Atlantic shipping from the 5th millennium BC

An interesting and detailed paper to download: The paper is in French, which you being a well educated sophisticate will not find a problem but I did, but the gist is clear enough.

Incidentally I am happy that the Bluestones could have been brought to Stonehenge overland on the "A40 route", but that might just be my prejudice against getting into boats.


  1. So whatever happened to your "moving the stone" experiment? Did I miss it?

  2. Replies
    1. Tim- do you have plans to examine the stone for damage/wear patterns caused by the moving the stone across log rollers (or maybe the stone will be attached to a sledge)? Rolling the stone across logs may cause wear patterns that can be helpful in identifying stones that moved in this way in the past.

    2. Hadn't thought of that, but our stones are made of concrete and not planning to go miles across country so probably no, but great idea.

  3. I believe the stone is 45 imp.tons. What are the stone's dimensions?


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