Friday 7 February 2014

Restoring the Larkhill Sun Gap

Restoring the Larkhill Sun Gap

Simon Banton writes:

Due to plantations of trees growing on Larkhill the summer solstice sunrise as seen from Stonehenge no longer appears to the left of the tip of the Heelstone but to its right.
I think something should be done to restore the correct view.

Once upon a time, the military took account of the importance of the view of solstice sunrise from Stonehenge.
When - in 1910 - the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company gained permission to establish their flying school alongside the Army's aerodrome on Larkhill they were compelled to build their hangars so as to leave a gap for the summer solstice sunrise to shine down to Stonehenge.

This became known as the "Sun Gap"

Larkhill Sun Gap (original from

.... more at: Restoring the Larkhill Sun Gap

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