Saturday 22 February 2014

Marden Area Investigations

I note the excellent CONFERENCE : Archaeology in Wiltshire 2014 (09:30 am, Saturday, 15 March 2014) will include:

Andy Payne and Neil Linford (English Heritage)
Recent discoveries in the Marden area and the Vale of Pewsey
Initial results from the English Heritage survey work in the Vale of Pewsey and which are informing a fieldwork project being undertaken over the next few months.

Very interesting. I have covered the Marden area a few times on the blog. Here are some links to some of the posts. The first two are the most relevant I think. Marden Henges And The Sarsen Route To Stonehenge
18 Mar 2013
When I wrote that short pamphlet I didn't look carefully at the route through Marden assuming that it would have roughly followed the present road. But the southern boundary of Marden Henge is incomplete where it adjoins ... Wilsford Henge and Marden Barrow Report Now Available
17 Aug 2013
A geophysical survey was conducted as part of the Marden Environs NMP enhancement project (RASMIS 6302) over an area of approximately 20ha, encompassing a barrow cemetery and henge, both known from previous ... The South Marden Causeway
31 Mar 2013
Pastscape - Detailed Result: MARDEN HENGE Marden Henge is one of the largest Neolithic henge monuments in the British Isles, and lies between Stonehenge and Avebury. The earthworks are fairly irregular, and consist of ... Was Marden Henge the builder's yard for Stonehenge ...
10 Apr 2012
If it wasn't a village, or a temple, or a farm, or a cemetery, what was Marden for? Leary suspects the answer may be emerging in stone working tools, and flakes of sarsen, turning up all over the site. If you were going to drag ... Marden Henge Excavations
11 Sep 2011
Marden Henge Excavations: "Mike Parker Pearson has recently put forward a new theory regarding the route for the sarsens from the Avebury area to Stonehenge. He believes that the stones were taken from the sarsen fields ... Wilsford Henge
29 Jul 2013
Wilsford Henge. I have updated my post on Marden and Wilsford henges with some new aerial photos from Lizzie Bryant English Heritage 2012 Research Reports on Stonehenge
11 Nov 2012
The opportunity has been taken to report a previous survey of the nearby long barrow Wilsford 34. The most significant issues raised are: the previously accepted relationships between the Lake Barrows and adjacent linear ...

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