Saturday 25 January 2014

The Tridendron of Stonehenge

I have been trying to find a picture of the wooden strut - two legs and a cross piece that was erected under the lintel of the Stones 6 & 7 trilithon for some time, having just glimpsed it in a view from the North East taken in, I think, the 1890s.

And then two turn up this week. Photo of Stonehenge, 1887 - Francis Frith has one as well.

By the time of Sharpe's Aerial photograph 1906 it has been removed.


  1. Heya Timmy-me-Buck,
    Call me crazy, but I don't think it's as old as 1887. Granted, Flinders-Petrie had let Antrobus know about it's abysmal condition, but I didn't think anything was done re: the telegraph poles, till after -21 came lumbering down in 1900.

    I have about 5 pictures with this "Tridendron" in it. PM me and I'll ship em off to you.

  2. Notice in one of the pictures that Lintel 122 is down, and in the other it is still up.
    This tells us that that trestle was under there for a while.
    In review of my photo collection I see that it was certainly there in 1896, but I still think 1887 is a stretch.



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