Tuesday 7 January 2014

Damaged Priddy Circle Geophys Report

Priddy Circle 1, Somerset: Report on Geophysical Surveys, March 2013

A Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey was conducted over a circular earthwork enclosure, known as Priddy Circle 1, one of a group of four similar scheduled monuments on the upland Mendip plateau close to the village of Priddy, Somerset. Following extensive levelling of the earth works and the subsequent prosecution of the landowner through the Ancient Monuments Act, a programme of mitigation work was agreed, including geophysical survey in advance of evaluation excavations to recover information and offset the impact of the damage. The site was surveyed using a vehicle towed, multielement air-launched GPR array to provide high sample density coverage of the monument to complement fluxgate gradiometer coverage commissioned separately. Due to concerns over the signal penetration achieved in the field by the air launched array a comparative area over the damaged earth work was also conducted with a ground coupled impulse GPR system, using a 450MHz centre frequency antenna.

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  1. English Heritage have released a press release detailing what steps have been taken and will be taken regarding restoration...