Friday 4 October 2013

Stonehenge Landscape Poster

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The Stonehenge landscape: restoring biodiversity and connectivity

Grace Twiston-Davies, Jonathan Mitchley, Simon Mortimer

Presented at
11th INTECOL Congress 2013, Ecology: Into the next 100 years, 18 - 23 Aug 2013, B2.16
Background / Purpose: 
Habitat restoration at the landscape scale has the potential to re-connect fragmented landscapes. The chalk grassland restoration project at the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, UK is a case study that provides an opportunity to investigate the landscape and species characteristics that lead to successful restoration.
Main conclusion: 
Habitat restoration at the landscape scale is an effective, long term approach to enhance biodiversity and restore landscape connectivity. Quite rapid success is achievable for some habitats and species but additional management is needed for specialist species.

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