Saturday 19 May 2012

The Colours Of Stonehenge Stones. Red, White and Blue.

From a distance the stones of Stonehenge can all look disappointingly alike. But close up the colours are amazing. Some of the Bluestones are a deep blue, the Sarsens grey with Lichens adding splotches of white and the iron in the Sarsens staining the damp hollows deep red.

Sarsen Stone 14 overlaying Blue Stone 38

Iron Stained Hollow in Sarsen Stone 14

Bluestone 48 

Bluestone 40 on the right with Sarsen Stones 14 and 15

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  1. I always noticed that where people had been touching and standing on the bluestones during access, some have become smooth and polished revealing the natural colours much more. One stander (49) has a very blackened look, a much darker stone in its day.



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