Wednesday 25 January 2012

Early Faked Stonehenge Photo?

UPDATED post here

Photo of Stonehenge, 1887 - Francis Frith or is it?

The outer trilathon 21, 22 and lintel 122 fell over on 31 Dec 1900 whereas the great inner trilathon stone 56 wasn't put upright until 25th September 1901. The outer trilathon was later put up again in 1956.

A real pre 1900 photo looks like this:

So the top photo could never have existed, was it altered after Gowland had straightened 57?


  1. This is fascinating... I love all things about Stonehenge and have setup a tours site and I would like to include this part in our facts section including photos if that is okay.

    Thanks, Chris
    Compare Stonehenge Tours

  2. No problem at all with linking to it.



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