Sunday 29 January 2012

All Cannings Cross Time Lapse

I found a couple of postcards on eBay of All Cannings Cross, taken I guess about 90 years ago. here they are with the same views today.
The Iron Age site is just below and to the right of where the top photo is taken from, this is the view from near where the iron was smelted. The second photo is looking up to where the first was taken, the bush in the older photo is key landmark. (The trough is still there but hidden behind the tree in the modern one.)

English as tuppence, changing yet changeless as canal water, nestling in green nowhere, armoured and effete, bold flag-bearer, lotus-fed Miss Havishambling opsimath and eremite, feudal still, reactionary ...
as Vivian Stanshall might have said.

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