Friday 14 October 2011

Stonehenge Sarsen Photo - Stone 16 Spiral

A spiral spotted by Simon Banton - Meaning? Age?

Original Discovery - Stone 16 Spiral

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  1. Have just spotted the above photo of Stone 16 from a Mike Pitts posting. The Stone is supposed to have a feature in common with the Heel Stone, namely an absence of man-made modification in any shape or form. Yet here we see something that is surely pictorial in nature, produced by fairly deep inscribing with a sharp flint or similar.

    I've given it a brief mention and indeed interpretation on my latest posting, 10 of 15 main points having been posted today.

    Clue to the picture: go to the site which numbers each stone individually, look at the final piccy taken it seems with the aid of a look-down-from-above drone.

    What do you see? Answer: what for all intents and purposes looks like a bird bath in a recess at the very top, out of sight from anyone viewing at ground level. Natural or man-made recess, or both? Who knows? But it's surely there to serve a purpose! Note too the "water baths" in the analogous Slaughter Stone diametrically opposite between Circle and Heel Stone? Also serving a similar purpose? Liquid refreshment?

    Go figure as they say. Where and how do these features fit with solstice celebration? Answer:they don't. I say it's time to get real as to the true purpose served by Stonehenge in pre-Bronze Age society.