Friday 5 January 2024

The Limeslade Bay Erratic discovery

Limeslade Bay Glacial Erratic

Upon a shore where waves in tempest churn,
A hulking mass of stone, unyielding, lay,
Its surface rough, by ocean's wrath in turn
Made stark and bare, where storms hold their sway.

Within its heart, a tumult seemed to bide,
A hollow drum where roars and rumbles deep
Did echo forth, as though history's tide
Had found a voice within its stony sleep.

And yet, for all the sound and fury pent
Within its depths, no meaning could be found,
No whispered lore, no message heaven-sent,
Just empty noise upon the wind-whipped ground.

So lies the stone, a monument to strife,
A hollow shell where echoes mock at life.

A giant bluestone erratic just discovered near Mumbles, on the south Gower coast, has been hailed as one of the most important glacial discoveries of the last century since it proves beyond doubt that the Irish Sea Glacier was capable of carrying large monoliths of dolerite rock from Pembrokeshire up the Bristol Channel towards Stonehenge.

Two years today after this wonderful discovery of a large erratic deposited on a rocky coast by an ice floe we still haven't been allowed sight of the analysis which may reveal where it was plucked from to be dropped in Limeslade Bay. We continue to await with interest. 

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