Friday 22 September 2023

Ground Penetrating Bayonet

Before modern gizmos were invented the usual way to locate buried stones was to prod the ground with a bayonet, Alexander Thom amongst others was a keen proponent of the method into the 1960s.

So it is fascinating to spot a bayonet in among the tools of Atkinson's 1958 excavations at Stonehenge.

 It appears to be an Enfield Socket Bayonet fitted with a handle - or something similar.

I note English Heritage sell replica bayonets - - "This type of bayonet was manufactured in England from 1853 to around 1870 and saw service until about 1875. It was designed to fit the Enfield 1853 Pattern Musket (also known as the P53 Enfield). It saw service in the Crimean War, American Civil War, New Zealand Land Wars and the Indian Mutiny. It is a typically British design in that it has a blade “shoulder” and is shallow fullered."

Though I doubt they would approve of their use at Stonehenge now.


Excavations between fallen Trilithon upright stone 55 which broke into two pieces. 1958. 

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