Sunday 5 February 2023

A Mesolithic Blade from Stonehenge Down from before the Stones

I was lucky enough to notice a flint blade excavated by a rabbit on Stonehenge Down when I wandered across to look at Dr. Philippe De Smedt of the University of Ghent,  Dr. Paul Garwood and Dr. Henry Chapman (both of the University of Birmingham) excavations in 2017.  

The rabbit hole shows up on Google Earth and so I could fix the find spot.

They were having the day off so I couldn't show them and so belatedly I have had it properly recorded.

PAS record number: WILT-6F2BBE
Object type: Debitage
Broad period: Mesolithic
County of discovery: Wiltshire
Stable url:

Claire Goodey illustration:

Rights Holder: Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum
CC License: 

The excavation results have now been written up: -  Philippe De Smedt, Paul Garwood, Henry Chapman, Koen Deforce, Johan De Grave, Daan Hanssens, Dimitri Vandenberghe,

Novel insights into prehistoric land use at Stonehenge by combining electromagnetic and invasive methods with a semi-automated interpretation scheme,

Journal of Archaeological Science, Volume 143, 2022, 105557, ISSN 0305-4403,


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