Monday 21 October 2019

Heritage at Risk from The Crown

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The Heritage at Risk map - check the link to get yours.

The red dots are heritage assets that are at risk and the details are linked. Sadly many are declining, on the Marlborough Downs it is mainly from animal burrowing and in the surrounding area it is from arable farming. In the area on the map the arable farms are mainly owned by the Crown. As landlords shouldn't we expect better from them?

I have put in a FOI to ask.

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  1. When I put "stonehenge new theory" into Google Search, I see this at -or near- the top of Page 3 returns:

    The Stonehenge Earth Clock Theory - › 2019/08 › the-stonehenge-earth-clock-theory
    12 Aug 2019 - The Stonehenge Earth Clock Theory ... New theory of a Winter Solstice Sunrise Alignment - Stonehenge and the Winter Solstice leaflet (ISBN ...

    Yes, it appeared here on this site in August, but then disappeared shortly thereafter. But it's still being given prominence in Google returns for having appeared on this site, despite having been dropped (for whatever reason).

    Summin' ain't right...


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