Monday 8 July 2019

Golfhenge Stone Holes and Alignment Speculation

More on the hengiform that seems to have been uncovered on the site of the Larkhill Golf Range in 2018  and is now built over. See for more. The ditch with eight pits around is in the excavated square within the tree girt area, the small hengiform at the top right was previously known about.
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I haven't found  any official reports of it and so this is just based on public aerial photos.

The Bing aerial photo from 2018 isn't as clear as the Google one but shows the ditch is about 14m across and the eight holes are about 1m in diameter. More like stoneheles than post holes? Or just pits?

The pits to the north east are wider apart than the other three pairs but there is no noticeable entrance. But if that is the entrance then it is close to the summer solstice sunrise direction which is handily marked on the planning documents constraints plan in yellow.

What a shame it is now under a housing estate, I await the reports on it  with interest.
Comparisons with Bluestonehenge and other circles in the area are obvious, if a little premature at this stage. See the excellent for more on those.

The planning statement

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