Monday 20 November 2017

Vinča symbols, Cat's Brain and Cissbury Ring

Jim Leary has written a preliminary article on the findings from Cats Brain - - and the engraved chalk plaques are intriguing.

They are very similar to ones found at Cissbury Ring

The first British Neolithic representational art? The chalk engravings at Cissbury flint mine - Anne M. Teather -

It has been suggested they are connected to Vinča symbols found from the Vinča culture of Central Europe and Southeastern Europe.


  1. They look like nothing less than sharpening stones for an awl made of bone, possibly used for leather.


  2. As I was explaining to Steven Tyler America has many material advantages but it is sorely lacking in Chalk. I am afraid I think it is too soft to sharpen anything on. Another suggestion I have seen for a functional use is to hold threads with a grain of sand before twisting them together. I'm afraid I neither explanation rings true with me, though i would love there to be a simple explanation.


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