Monday 16 June 2014

An Altar Stone Mystery

A week ago a lady emailed me: "I was just there with a group inside the circle and saw a sun cross design w-cross within a circle on a stone in the ground ever heard of that? The archaeologist I was with was not impressed -I got a pic though. We left salisbury at 640 am that day last week and got there and a Druid group was just leaving , so I think we were in the stones around 745-830? We had an hour in there . I mention that bc no one , not even me could see it in that stone after a certain time."

This is her picture:

This is mine taken of the Altar Stone, east section taken a morning or so later:

Can't see anything, was it a shoe tread in the dust? Any other thoughts?

Of course some of you may have noticed the random shape on the Altar Stone which enabled me to identify where the mark was.

Similar but unrelated:  Sphinx of Hatshepsut ca. 1479–1458 B.C.


  1. I reckon it's a print from a wet shoe

  2. Tim, you may be right. The stone looks dusty. Has it rained since? What was the date of the photograph?